I am studying electrical engineering and my main hobby is building remote controlled gliders.... I have been building models since early elementary school. Before then I had always used my mothers kitchen knives to model wood . At first I started with boats, which turned more and more into raceboats, then there were the RC-Cars. As RC-Cars are only fun to me when there is competition it became quite an expensive hobby and the standard classes where you are not allowed to modify anything were not exciting to me. If I am not allowed to modify I can also gamble on the computer.

The gliders are a good solution according to price and fun and competitions are not really necessary to keep it interesting as there is much more you can try . Another nice thing is that much more can be done with even less effort.

Good weather and out you go, flying gliders...


The nickname plinse is quite old actually. Pancakes (in german : Plinsen) where the first things I could make myself in the kitchen and thanks to my parents the name was created and has followed me since then ...





created Feb. '01

Eike Timm